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Calendar for January 22nd, 2013

Born 1440: Ivan III (Ivan The Great)

Born 1561: Sir Francis Bacon (writer, philosopher)

Born 1802: Richard Upjohn (architect)

Born 1849: August Strindberg (playwright)

Born 1875: D. W. Griffith (film director)

Died 1901: Queen Victoria of Great Britain died after the longest reign of any British monarch and was succeeded by her son, Edward VII

Born 1909: Ann Sothern (actress)

Born 1909: U Thant (United Nations Secretary General)

Born 1931: Sam Cooke (singer)

Born 1932: Piper Laurie (actress)

Born 1934: Bill Bixby (actor & director)

Born 1937: Joseph Wambaugh (writer)

1939: Uranium atom was first split by cyclotron

Born 1949: Steve Perry (singer)

Born 1959: Linda Blair (actress)

Born 1965: Diane Lane (actress)

1968: Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In debuted on TV

Died 1973: Lyndon B. Johnson (36th U.S. president)

1973: George Foreman knocks out Joe Frazier for world heavyweight boxing title

Born 1975: Balthazar Getty (actor)

Born 1980: Christopher Masterson (actor)

Born 1981: Beverley Mitchell (actress)

1984: Macintosh computer commercial ran during Super Bowl XVIII

1987: Politician R. Budd Dwyer committed suicide on national television

Died 1994: Telly Savalas (actor)

Died 1995: Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy (matriarch of the Kennedy family)

1997: Madeleine Albright became the first female secretary of state after confirmation by the U.S. Senate

Died 2002: Stanley Marcus (chairman of department store Neiman-Marcus)

Died 2002: Jack Shea (gold medal-winning speedskater and patriarch of family of Olympic finalists, including grandson who won gold medal at 2002 games)

Died 2004: Ann Miller (dancer & actress)

Died 2005: Patsy Rowlands (actress)

Died 2008: Heath Ledger (actor)

Died 2010: Jean Simmons (English actress who later also became an American citizen)

Died 2010: James Mitchell (actor & dancer)

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