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Calendar for January 30th, 2013

1847: Yerba Buena, a U.S. town of 200 people, was renamed San Francisco

Born 1862: Walter J. Damrosch (composer)

Born 1882: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (32nd U.S. president)

1902: Great Britain and Japan signed the Anglo-Japanese Alliance

Born 1914: David Wayne (actor)

1917: The Original Dixieland Jazz Band released Darktown Strutters' Ball, the first commercial jazz recording

Born 1923: Dick Martin (comedian)

Born 1925: Dorothy Malone (actress)

Born 1931: Gene Hackman (actor)

1933: Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany

1933: The Lone Ranger made its radio debut

Born 1937: Vanessa Redgrave (actress)

Born 1937: Boris Spassky (chessmaster)

Born 1941: Dick Cheney (former secretary of defense and U.S. vice president)

Born 1943: Marty Balin (singer)

Born 1944: Lynn Harrell (cellist)

1948: Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated

Died 1948: Orville Wright (aviator)

Died 1948: Mahatma Gandhi (Indian spiritual and political leader)

Born 1951: Phil Collins (musician)

1954: 30 millionth customer added to U.S. electrical utilities

1962: President Kennedy and Aleksei I. Adzhubei, editor of Izvestia, principal Russian newspaper, held conversations at the White House

1969: The Beatles gave their last public performance on the roof of their Apple Corps headquarters

1972: Pakistan became independent of Great Britain

Born 1974: Christian Bale (actor)

1977: Andrew Young was sworn in as the first African American ambassador to the United Nations

Died 1994: Pierre Boulle (author)

2004: David Bradley, the man who wrote the computer code CtrlAltDelete (forces computers to restart when they will no longer follow other commands), retired from IBM after 28.5 years with the company

2005: A buffalo escaped from an auction in South Dakota and ended up in a Grand Rapids department store dressing room where it spent a couple of hours staring into a mirror

Died 2006: Coretta Scott King (civil rights activist; widow of Martin Luther King Jr.)

Died 2006: Wendy Wasserstein (Pulitzer Prize- and Tony Award-winning playwright)

Died 2007: Sidney Sheldon (author & producer)

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