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Calendar for January 9th, 2013

1570: Ivan the Terrible of Russia, suspecting a revolt in the city of Novgorod, captured the city and executed many of its inhabitants

Died 1584: William Carter (printer, hanged for printing lewd pamphlets)

1788: Connecticut became the fifth state to join the U.S.

1793: First successful U.S. balloon flight was completed in Philadelphia, PA, by Jean Pierre Blanchard

Born 1802: Catharine Parr Traill (writer)

Born 1839: John Knowles Paine (composer)

1861: Mississippi seceded from the Union (U.S. Civil War)

Born 1898: Gracie Fields (comedienne)

Born 1908: Simone de Beauvoir (novelist)

Born 1913: Richard Nixon (37th U.S. president)

Born 1915: Fernando Lamas (actor)

Born 1928: Judith Krantz (author)

Born 1934: Bart Starr (football player)

Born 1941: Joan Baez (singer)

Born 1944: Jimmy Page (guitarist)

1945: U.S. Forces invaded Luzon, Philippines (WW II)

Died 1949: Tom Longboat (runner)

Born 1950: Sir Alec Jeffreys (geneticist)

Born 1951: Crystal Gayle (singer)

Born 1955: J. K. Simmons (actor)

1962: U.S. and Japan concluded a formal agreement for the final settlement of U.S. postwar economic assitance to Japan

Born 1965: Joely Richardson (actress)

Born 1967: Dave Matthews (musician)

1968: U.S. spacecraft Surveyor VII made a successful landing on the moon

1972: The Queen Elizabeth, luxury ocean liner, was gutted by fire in Hong Kong harbor

1982: 5.9 earthquake shook eastern Canada and New England

1982: 5.7 earthquake struck Miramichi, New Brunswick

Born 1982: Catherine Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge)

1996: NBA's Toronto Raptors became the first team to miss all foul shot attempts in a game

2010: A 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck off the shore of Ferndale in Northern California

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