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Calendar for February 5th, 2013

Born 1784: Nancy Hanks Lincoln (mother of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln)

1840: First annual meeting of the American Statistical Association

1846: The Oregon Spectator was the first newspaper published on the Pacific coast of the United States

1901: Edwin Prescott was granted a patent for a centrifugal railway (an early design of a looping roller coaster)

Born 1914: William Burroughs (author)

Born 1919: Red Buttons (actor)

Born 1934: Hank Aaron (baseball player)

Born 1942: Roger Staubach (football player)

1948: Richard Button won Olympic gold for figure skating

Born 1948: Barbara Hershey (actress)

1952: The first "Don't Walk" automatic signs were installed in New York City

1953: Walt Disney's Peter Pan premiered

Born 1964: Laura Linney (actress)

Born 1971: Sara Evans (country music singer)

Died 1972: Marianne Moore (poet)

Died 2004: Samuel M. Rubin, known as "Sam the Popcorn Man" (the first to pop corn in machines on a widespread basis in theaters)

2005: The National Zoo's first litter of cheetahs in 115 years went on display to the public

Died 2006: Franklin Cover (actor)

Died 2011: Brian Jacques (children's author)

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