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Calendar for April 16th, 2013

Born 1821: Ford Madox Brown (painter)

Born 1844: Anatole France (writer)

Born 1850: Herbert Baxter Adams (historian)

Born 1865: Grace Livingston Hill (author)

Born 1867: Wilbur Wright (aviator)

1874: Agricultural College founded in Guelph, Ontairo

Born 1889: Charlie Chaplin (entertainer)

1899: Magnitude 7.0 earthquake occurred west of Eureka, California

1922: Annie Oakley hit 100 clay targets in a row, setting women's record

Born 1924: Henry Mancini (composer)

Born 1927: Pope Benedict XVI

Born 1939: Dusty Springfield (singer)

1947: Two ships exploded in harbor, Texas City, Texas

Born 1947: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (basketball player)

Born 1952: Bill Belichick (football coach)

1962: Walter Cronkite joined CBS Evening News as anchorman

Born 1965: Jon Cryer (actor)

Born 1965: Martin Lawrence (actor)

1972: Two giant pandas, given to the U.S. by China, arrived at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

Died 1994: Ralph Ellison (writer)

1996: Britain's Prince Andrew and his wife, Sarah, the Duchess of York, announced their plans to divorce

1999: Sputnik-99 launched by hand from Mir space station

Died 2002: Robert Urich (actor)

2007: In Blacksburg, on Virginia Tech's campus, Cho Seung Hui massacred 32 fellow students and teachers in the worst shooting rampage in U.S. history

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