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Calendar for April 6th, 2013

Died 1199: King Richard I (English monarch, called "Richard the Lionheart")

Born 1483: Raphael (artist)

Died 1520: Raphael (artist)

1868: Brigham Young, the Mormon Church leader, married his 27th and last wife

1869: Snow-melting apparatus patented

1896: The first modern Olympic Games opened in Athens, Greece

1909: Admiral Robert Peary and his African-American assistant Matthew Henson reached the North Pole

1917: The U.S. declared war on Germany (WW I)

Born 1927: Gerry Mulligan (jazz musician)

1930: Bakery manager, Jimmy Dewar, invented a cream filled sponge cake, now known as the Twinkie

Born 1937: Billie Dee Williams (actor)

1947: The first Tony Awards were presented at a dinner in the Grand Ballroom at the Waldorf Astoria hotel on Easter Sunday

Born 1947: John Ratzenberger (actor)

Born 1952: Marilu Henner (actress)

1956: Paramount Pictures signed Elvis Presley to a three-movie contract just five days after his first screen test

Born 1969: Bret Boone (baseball player)

Born 1969: Paul Rudd (actor)

Born 1971: Lou Merloni (baseball player)

Born 1975: Zach Braff (actor)

Died 1998: Tammy Wynette (country musician)

2004: UConn's women's basketball team completed a championship sweep for the school by beating Tennessee 70-61 for the NCAA women's title. The victory followed UConn's win over Georgia Tech in the men's championship game the previous night, making Connecticut the first Division I school to sweep both titles

Died 2004: Niki Sullivan (guitarist for Buddy Holly and the Crickets)

Died 2004: Victor Argo (actor)

Died 2005: Prince Rainier III of Monaco

2009: A magnitude-6.3 earthquake struck central Italy

Died 2010: Corin Redgrave (actor)

Died 2012: Thomas Kinkade (painter; often referred to as "Painter of Light")

Died 2014: Mickey Rooney (actor)

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