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Calendar for April 7th, 2013

World Health Day

Born 1770: William Wordsworth (poet)

1782: George Washington established the Badge of Military Merit for U.S. soldiers injured in action. It later became known as the Purple Heart

Died 1891: P. T. Barnum (circus owner)

Born 1893: Irene Castle (dancer)

Born 1897: Walter Winchell (columnist & broadcaster)

Born 1915: Billie Holiday (jazz singer)

Born 1928: James Garner (actor)

Born 1939: Francis Ford Coppola (director)

1940: Booker T. Washington became the first African American to be pictured on a U.S. postage stamp

1949: Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical South Pacific opened on Broadway, N.Y.C.

Born 1954: Tony Dorsett (football player)

Born 1954: Jackie Chan (actor & stuntman)

1959: First distinguishable radar echo bounced off the Sun

Born 1964: Russell Crowe (actor)

1970: John Wayne won a Best Actor Oscar for his role in True Grit

Born 1975: Tiki Barber (football player)

1977: The Toronto Blue Jays played their first American League baseball game

2009: A 4.9-magnitude aftershock registered in central Italy following the previous day's 6.3-magnitude earthquake

2009: After an undefeated season, UConn's women's basketball team won the NCAA championship

Died 2009: Dave Arneson (co-creator of the fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons)

Died 2010: George Nissen (inventor of the trampoline)

Died 2012: Mike Wallace (broadcast journalist)

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