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Calendar for May 13th, 2013

1740: Apple trees in bloom, R.I.

Born 1857: Sir Ronald Ross (bacteriologist)

Died 1884: Cyrus Hall McCormick (inventor)

Born 1914: Joe Louis (boxer)

Born 1941: Ritchie Valens (singer)

Born 1950: Stevie Wonder (musician)

1958: Velcro trademark was registered in the United States

Died 1961: Gary Cooper (actor)

Born 1966: Darius Rucker (musician)

Born 1978: Barry Zito (baseball player)

Born 1979: Prince Carl Philip of Sweden

1981: Pope John Paul II was shot

1983: A New Brunswick earthquake measured 3.9 on the Richter scale

Born 1986: Robert Pattinson (actor)

Died 2011: Derek Boogaard (hockey player)

Died 2013: Dr. Joyce Brothers (psychologist)

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