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Calendar for May 24th, 2013

Died 1543: Nicolas Copernicus (astronomer)

Born 1819: Queen Victoria (British monarch)

1833: Canada's first medical graduate, William Logie, awarded degree by McGill University

1844: Samuel Morse transmitted the first telegraphic message from the U.S. Supreme Court room, Washington, D.C., to Baltimore. The message: What hath God wrought

Born 1863: George Grey Barnard (sculptor)

Died 1879: William Lloyd Garrison (writer)

1881: The steamer, Victoria, sank in Thames River near London, Ontario

1893: Ohio Anti-Saloon League founded, Oberlin, Ohio

1935: First major league baseball night game was played in Cincinnati, Ohio

Born 1941: Bob Dylan (musician)

Born 1943: Gary Burghoff (actor)

Born 1944: Patti LaBelle (singer)

Born 1945: Priscilla Presley (actress)

Born 1949: Jim Broadbent (actor)

Born 1960: Kristin Scott Thomas (actress)

1962: Aurora 7 took flight. It was the second U.S. manned orbital space flight

Born 1965: John C. Reilly (actor)

1972: United States and USSR agreed to cooperate in space exploration

Died 1974: Duke Ellington (jazz composer, pianist, & bandleader)

Born 1988: Billy Gilman (country singer)

Died 2002: Milton Shedd (co-founder of Sea World)

2003: Crop circle discovered in Haysville, Kansas

2006: Canada's famous clock on the Peace Tower of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa stopped for the first time

Died 2008: Dick Martin (comedian)

2013: Penumbral eclipse of the Moon.

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