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Calendar for May 26th, 2013

1721: Smallpox epidemic in Boston, Massachusetts

Born 1886: Al Jolson (entertainer)

1889: First public elevator at Eiffel Tower opened

1896: The Dow Jones Industrial Average was published for the first time

1906: Archaeological Institute of America incorporated

Born 1907: John Wayne (actor)

Born 1912: Jay Silverheels (actor who played "Tonto" on The Lone Ranger TV series)

Born 1920: Peggy Lee (actress)

Died 1924: Victor Herbert (composer)

Born 1951: Sally Ride (astronaut; first American woman in space)

1954: Boat of Pharaoh Cheops discovered near Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt

1961: The host of NBC's Today Show, Dave Garroway, announced his plans to retire from the show

1981: Canada and the U.S. signed the Pacific Albacore Tuna Treaty

Born 1991: Julianna Rose Mauriello (actress)

Died 2008: Sydney Pollack (actor & director)

Died 2008: Earle H. Hagen (composer; whistled the tune for The Andy Griffith Show)

Died 2010: Art Linkletter (radio and television personality)

2010: "Millions" of frogs force closure of Egnatia Highway in Greece

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