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Calendar for July 10th, 2013

Born 1509: John Calvin (theologian)

Died 1559: Henry II of France

Born 1830: Camille Pissarro (painter)

Born 1834: Jan Neruda (poet)

Born 1834: James McNeill Whistler (painter)

Born 1839: Adolphus Busch (brewery executive)

1850: Vice President Millard Fillmore was inaugurated as the 13th President of the United States following the death of Zachary Taylor

Born 1871: Marcel Proust (novelist)

1890: Wyoming admitted into the Union as the 44th state

Born 1895: Carl Orff (composer)

Born 1905: Mildred Wirt Benson (original author, under the pen name Carolyn Keene, of the Nancy Drew mystery books)

1912: George Hodgson became Canada's first double Olympic gold medalist for swimming

Born 1914: Joe Shuster (cartoonist, co-creator of Superman comic)

Born 1920: David Brinkley (reporter & commentator)

Born 1921: Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Born 1921: Jake LaMotta (boxer)

Born 1926: Fred Gwynne (actor)

1938: Howard Hughes set a new record by completing a 91 hour airplane flight around the world

Died 1941: Jelly Roll Morton (jazz musician)

Born 1943: Arthur Ashe (tennis player)

Born 1945: Virginia Wade (tennis player)

Born 1947: Arlo Guthrie (folk singer)

Born 1960: Roger Craig (football player)

1962: Telstar, an experimental communications satellite privately owned and developed by AT&T, was launched from Cape Canaveral, FL

1973: The Bahamas gained full independence within the British Commonwealth

Died 1979: Arthur Fiedler (orchestra conductor)

Born 1980: Jessica Simpson (singer)

Born 1980: Adam Petty (NASCAR driver)

Died 1989: Mel Blanc (voice of Bugs Bunny and other characters)

2002: At a Sotheby's auction, Peter Paul Rubens' painting "The Massacre of the Innocents" sold for $76.2 million

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