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Calendar for July 11th, 2013

World Population Day

Born 1274: Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland

Born 1767: John Quincy Adams (6th U.S. president)

1798: U.S. Marine Band established

1798: The U.S. Marine Corps was reestablished

1804: U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr fatally shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel

Born 1838: John Wanamaker (merchant)

1848: The Waterloo railway station in London opened

1859: A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens was published

Born 1861: George William Norris (politician)

1864: Confederate General Jubal Early's army reached Frederick, Maryland

1896: Wilfrid Laurier became prime minister of Canada

Born 1897: Theophilus Eugene "Bull" Connor (police officer)

Born 1899: E.B. White (author)

Born 1924: Brett Somers (comedienne & actress)

Born 1931: Tab Hunter (actor)

Born 1934: Giorgio Armani (fashion designer)

Died 1937: George Gershwin (composer)

Born 1953: Leon Spinks (boxer)

Born 1956: Sela Ward (actress)

1962: Fred Baldasare used scuba gear to become the first person to swim the English Channel underwater

Born 1963: Lisa Rinna (actress)

Born 1972: Michael Rosenbaum (actor)

1979: U.S. space station Skylab, in orbit since 1973, returned to Earth and disintegrated over the Indian Ocean

1985: Houston Astros pitcher Nolan Ryan became the first major league pitcher to strike out 4,000 batters

1987: According to the United Nations, the world population crossed the 5,000,000,000 mark

Died 1989: Sir Laurence Olivier (actor)

1995: 35-pound chum salmon caught in Edye Pass, British Columbia

Died 2007: Lady Bird Johnson (U.S. First Lady)

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