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Calendar for July 20th, 2013

1304: Edward I of England took the last rebel stronghold in the Wars of Scottish Independence

Born 1304: Petrarch (poet)

1715: The Riot Act went into effect in England

1810: Colombia declared independence from Spain

1871: British Columbia joined the Canadian Confederation

1893: The U.S.S. Machias, first steel-hulled ship built in Maine, commissioned

1900: Eleanor Annie Lamson was the first woman astronomer employed at the U.S. Naval Observatory

Born 1919: Sir Edmund Hillary (first to reach the summit of Mt. Everest)

Born 1938: Natalie Wood (actress)

Born 1947: Carlos Santana (musician)

1968: The first International Special Olympics held, Chicago, Illinois

Born 1969: Josh Holloway (actor)

1969: Neil Armstrong became the first person to step foot on the Moon. He also placed the U.S. flag there.

Died 1973: Bruce Lee (actor & martial artist)

1976: Hank Aaron hit his 755th home run

1976: Viking 1, U.S. robot spacecraft, landed on Mars

Born 1978: Elliott Yamin (singer)

Born 1980: Gisele Bundchen (model)

1985: Mel Fisher's crew found sunken Atocha off Florida coast, loaded with silver, gold, and emeralds

Died 2005: James Montgomery Doohan (actor, linguist)

Died 2007: Tammy Faye Messner

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