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Calendar for July 8th, 2013

Died 975: King Edgar of England

Born 1621: Jean de la Fontaine (poet)

1776: Declaration of Independence proclaimed in Philadelphia

1777: Vermont became first American colony to abolish slavery

1796: Francis Maria Barrere received the first American passport

Died 1822: Percy Bysshe Shelley (poet)

Died 1826: Luther Martin (one of the Founding Fathers of the United States)

1835: According to some sources, the Liberty Bell in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, cracked again as it was being rung during the funeral of John Marshall, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Born 1838: Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin (founder of the Zeppelin airship company)

Born 1839: John D. Rockefeller (industrialist)

1889: The first issue of the Wall Street Journal was published

1889: The last bare-knuckles heavyweight championship boxing match was staged between John L. Sullivan and Jake Kilrain. Kilrain was defeated after 75 rounds

Born 1892: Richard Aldington (poet)

Born 1899: David E. Lilienthal (government official)

Died 1905: Walter Kittredge (musician)

Born 1906: Philip Johnson (architect)

1907: The first Ziegfeld Follies, New York City

Born 1908: Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (politician)

Born 1913: Walter Francis Kerr (drama critic)

1916: Sieur de Monts National Monument established (later named Acadia National Park), Maine

Born 1917: Faye Emerson (actress)

1917: Group of Seven artist Tom Thomson last seen alive, Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park, Ontario

Born 1926: John David Dingell, Jr. (politician)

Born 1926: Elisabeth Kubler Ross (psychiatrist)

Born 1929: Shirley Ann Grau (author)

Born 1933: Marty Feldman (actor)

Born 1942: Phil Gramm (politician)

Born 1951: Anjelica Huston (actress)

1951: Paris celebrated its 2,000th birthday

Born 1952: Jack Lambert (football player)

Died 1957: Grace Coolidge (U.S. First Lady)

Born 1958: Kevin Bacon (actor)

Born 1961: Toby Keith (country musician)

Born 1968: Billy Crudup (actor)

Born 1970: Beck (musician)

Born 1977: Milo Ventimiglia (actor)

Born 1982: Sophia Bush (actress)

1986: Kurt Waldheim was inaugurated as president of Austria amidst allegations of his involvement in Nazi war crimes

Died 2006: June Allyson (actress)

2009: Around 8:30 a.m., Josh the dromedary, from Lempster, N.H., became the first camel to reach the 6,288-foot summit of Mt. Washington, after walking for more than five hours up the 7.6-mile Auto Road.Accompanying the 4-year-old camel were handlers Chris Butler and Jennifer Bollay, two horses (Kidd and Riah), and an Irish wolfhound. They set off from the base of the Rockpile just after 3 a.m. in rain and fog, calm winds, and temperatures around 43 degrees. After reaching the summit, mild-mannered Josh spent several hours posing for pictures with visitors before going back down. In addition to traveling to New Hampshire's highest point, Josh has also visited the state's lowest point, Hampton Beach.

2011: NASA launched its last space shuttle, Cape Canaveral, Florida

Died 2011: Betty Ford (U.S. First Lady)

Died 2012: Ernest Borgnine (actor)

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