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Calendar for August 13th, 2013

Born 1422: William Caxton (printer)

1535: "Canada" first used to indicate region

Born 1818: Lucy Stone (women's rights activist)

Born 1823: Goldwin Smith (historian & journalist)

1844: Oregon Institute (later named Willamette University) opened in Salem, Oregon

Born 1860: Annie Oakley (sharpshooter)

Died 1863: Eugene Delacroix (painter)

1878: Andrew Campbell discovered the Luray Caverns in Virginia, when cold air from a sinkhole on a large hill extinguished his candle

1886: Last spike driven for first stage of Esquimalt-Nanaimo Railway in Cliffside, B.C.

1889: Samuel Leeds Allen granted patent for Flexible Flyer sled

Born 1899: Alfred Hitchcock (director)

Born 1907: Sir Basil Spence (architect)

Died 1910: Florence Nightingale (pioneer of modern nursing)

Born 1926: Fidel Castro (politician)

Born 1930: Don Ho (musician)

1934: L'il Abner comic strip debuted

1942: The Walt Disney classic, Bambi, opened this day at Radio City Music Hall in New York City

Died 1946: H. G. Wells (writer)

1955: Canso Causeway, linking Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island, opened

1956: A plane flew into a hurricane for the first series of bumpy flights for the National Hurricane Research Project, then part of the U.S. Weather Bureau

Born 1959: Danny Bonaduce (actor)

1961: The East German government closed the border between east and west sectors of Berlin with barbed wire fencing to discourage further population movement to the west. Later in the week a concrete wall was erected to strengthen the barrier between official crossing points

Died 1995: Mickey Mantle (baseball player)

Died 2004: Julia Child (chef and author)

2008: American swimmer Michael Phelps won his 10th and 11th Olympic gold medals making him the most decorated Olympian in history

Died 2008: Sandy Allen (world's tallest woman, 7' 7" tall)

Died 2009: Les Paul (guitar pioneer)

Died 2012: Johnny Pesky (baseball player)

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