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Calendar for August 28th, 2013

St. Augustine of Hippo

Born 1728: John Stark (American Revolutionary War general)

Born 1749: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (philosopher)

Born 1774: Elizabeth Ann Seton (first American-born saint)

1798: First successful U.S. vineyard established in Kentucky

Died 1818: Jean Baptiste Point du Sable (founder of Chicago, Illinois)

1830: The B&O Railroad tried its first American-built locomotive, Tom Thumb, designed by Peter Cooper. The train raced against a horse.

Born 1831: Lucy Webb Hayes (first U.S. First Lady to have graduated from college)

1845: Scientific American first published

Born 1901: Roy Wilkins (Civil Rights activist)

Born 1915: Tasha Tudor (children's author & illustrator)

1957: Sen. Strom Thurmond S.C. starts a filibuster speaking against the Civil Rights Bill. He spoke continuously for 24 hours and 18 minutes.

Born 1957: Daniel Stern (actor)

Born 1958: Scott Hamilton (figure skater)

1958: The New York Times broke the TV quiz-show scandal story

Born 1965: Shania Twain (country singer)

Died 1968: John Gordon Mein, US Ambassador to Guatemala is assassinated by terrorist

Born 1982: LeAnn Rimes (singer)

Died 1985: Ruth Gordon (actress)

Died 1987: John Huston (director)

Born 1991: Kyle Massey (actor)

1996: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales were divorced

Died 2009: World's oldest dog, Chanel the dachshund, aged 147 in dog years, 21 in human years

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