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Calendar for September 10th, 2013

Swap Ideas Day

1608: Jamestown colony in Virginia received a new president, John Smith

1776: Nathan Hale volunteered to spy behind enemy lines

1794: Blount College was chartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. It later became the University of Tennessee.

Born 1836: Joseph Wheeler (politician)

1846: Elias Howe patented his lockstitch sewing machine

Born 1885: Carl Van Doren (biographer, critic, author of non-fiction)

Born 1896: Adele Astaire (dancer)

1898: Queen Elizabeth of Austria was assassinated

Born 1914: Robert Wise (director)

Born 1929: Arnold Palmer (professional golfer)

Born 1934: Charles Kuralt (journalist)

Died 1935: Huey P. Long (politician)

1935: Popeye was heard for the first time on NBC radio

1939: Canada declared war on Germany (World War II)

Born 1941: Stephen Jay Gould (evolutionary theorist author)

1945: Mike the chicken lost his head when his owner, farmer Lloyd Olsen, chopped it off in preparation for dinner. However, Mike didn't die. He toured the nation for nearly 18 months before choking to death in a motel in Arizona.

Born 1950: Joe Perry (musician)

1955: The television show Gunsmoke made its debut

Born 1958: Chris Columbus (film director)

1960: Air terminal building of Halifax International Airport, Nova Scotia, opened

Born 1960: Colin Firth (actor)

1963: African Americans entered the white public schools in Alabama, after President Kennedy federalized the state's National Guard as a move toward integrating the public schools

Born 1963: Randy Johnson (baseball player)

Born 1968: Guy Ritchie (director)

Born 1974: Ryan Philippe (actor)

Died 1994: Amy Clampitt (poet)

2003: Anna Lindh, the foreign minister of Sweden, was fatally stabbed

Died 2005: Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (musician)

2006: A magnitude 6.0 earthquake, centered about 260 miles southwest of Tampa, Florida, struck

Died 2007: Jane Wyman (actress)

2010: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady signed a four-year $72 million contract extension. This made him the highest-paid player in the NFL.

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