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Calendar for September 12th, 2013

1609: Henry Hudson began exploration of what is later to be named the Hudson River

1758: Astronomer Charles Messier cataloged the Crab Nebula

Born 1818: Richard Jordan Gatling (inventor)

1823: A whale followed a boat to the Montreal harbor

Born 1829: Charles Dudley Warner (editor)

1846: Elizabeth Barrett eloped with Robert Browning

Born 1880: H.L. Mencken (journalist)

Born 1892: Alfred A. Knopf (publisher)

Born 1898: Ben Shahn (painter)

Born 1944: Barry White (singer)

1953: John F. Kennedy married Jacqueline Lee Bouvier in Newport, Rhode Island

1954: Lassie made its television debut

1959: Bonanza made its television debut

1959: Luna 2 spacecraft launched

Born 1963: Amy Yasbeck (actress)

1966: The Monkees debuted on television

Died 1972: William Boyd (actor)

Born 1973: Paul Walker (actor)

Born 1978: Benjamin McKenzie (actor)

Born 1978: Ruben Studdard (singer; former American Idol contestant)

Born 1980: Yao Ming (basketball player)

Born 1986: Emmy Rossum (actress)

Died 1992: Anthony Perkins (actor)

1992: Astronauts Jan Davis and Mark Lee became the first married couple in space during a shuttle mission

Died 1993: Raymond Burr (actor)

Died 1998: John Hollman (CNN newscaster)

Died 2003: Johnny Cash (singer)

2005: Hong Kong Disneyland opened

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