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Calendar for September 21st, 2013

International Day of Peace

Belize: Independence Day

Born 1645: Louis Joliet (explorer)

Born 1737: Francis Hopkinson (judge)

Born 1788: Margaret Taylor (U.S. First Lady)

Died 1832: Sir Walter Scott (poet)

Born 1849: Sir Edmund William Gosse (poet)

Born 1866: H.G. Wells (writer)

Born 1867: Henry Lewis Stimson (politician)

1897: The New York Sun's Frank Church replied, "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus."

Born 1912: Chuck Jones (Bugs Bunny animator)

1915: Stonehenge was sold to a local landowner for 6,600 pounds

Born 1931: Larry Hagman (actor)

1937: J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit published

Born 1947: Don Felder (musician)

Born 1947: Stephen King (author)

Born 1950: Bill Murray (actor)

Born 1959: Dave Coulier (actor)

Born 1960: David James Elliot (actor)

Born 1965: Cheryl Hines (actress)

1969: The NFL's longest punt, 98 yards, came off the foot of Steve O'Neal of the NY Jets

1970: The NY Jets competed against the Cleveland Browns in the first televised NFL Monday Night Football game

Born 1971: Luke Wilson (actor)

Born 1972: John Kitna (football player)

Born 1973: Virginia Ruano Pascual (tennis player)

Born 1976: Jana Kandarr (tennis player)

1981: Belize becomes fully independent from Great Britain

Born 1983: Maggie Grace (actress)

1995: Canada's "toonie" coin unveiled

1996: John F. Kennedy, Jr. married Carolyn Bessette

Died 1998: Florence Griffith Joyner (Olympic gold medalist)

Died 2002: Angelo Buono, Jr. ("Hillside Strangler" convicted of killing young Los Angeles women in the 1970s)

2004: Singer Billy Joel was honored with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame

Died 2007: Alice Ghostley (actress)

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