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Calendar for September 23rd, 2013

Born : 484 B.C. Euripides (dramatist)

Born : 63 B.C. Augustus Caesar (first Roman Emperor)

Died 1830: Elizabeth Kortright Monroe (U.S. First Lady)

Born 1838: Victoria Woodhull (social reformer)

1845: N.Y. Knickerbocker Base Ball Club organized

1846: Planet Neptune was discovered

Born 1852: William Stewart Halsted (surgeon)

Born 1867: John Avery Lomax (folklorist)

Died 1877: Urbain Le Verrier (astronomer)

Born 1889: Walter Lippman (journalist)

Died 1900: William Marsh Rice (merchant)

Born 1910: Elliot Roosevelt (politician)

Born 1920: Mickey Rooney (actor)

Born 1926: John Coltrane (musician)

Born 1930: Ray Charles (musician)

1938: A time capsule was buried on the site of the NY World's Fair, to be opened in the year 6939 to reveal such artifacts as a bible, mail order catalog, film of FDR, and college football game

Died 1939: Sigmund Freud (psychologist)

Born 1947: Mary Kay Place (actress)

Born 1949: Bruce Springsteen (musician)

Born 1958: Larry Mize (golf professional)

Born 1959: Jason Alexander (actor)

Born 1961: Chi McBride (actor)

1980: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad opened at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida

Died 1987: Bob Fosse (director, choreographer)

1992: Manon Rhéaume first woman player in an NHL game

Died 1998: Mary Frann (actress)

Died 1998: Robert Wells (songwriter, co-wrote "The Christmas Song")

2010: Cabot Creamery and Chef John Folse created the world's largest macaroni and cheese. The previous record of 440 pounds was blown away by the team's 2,469 pound macaroni and cheese.