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Calendar for October 10th, 2013

World Mental Health Day

Born 1731: Henry Cavendish (chemist)

Born 1738: Benjamin West (painter)

1845: The United States Naval Academy (then named the Naval School) is founded in Annapolis, Maryland.

Born 1859: Cassie Chadwick (con artist, also known as Elizabeth Bigley, Emily Heathcliff, and Lydia DeVere)

1886: Tobacco heir Griswold Lorillard shocked his contemporaries by showing up to the autumn ball in a tailless dinner jacket, thus making the Tuxedo known

Born 1900: Helen Hayes (actress)

Died 1907: Cassie Chadwick (con artist, also known as Elizabeth Bigley, Emily Heathcliff, and Lydia DeVere)

Born 1913: Claude Simon (author)

1913: In Washington, D.C., President Woodrow Wilson pushed the button that relayed the signal to blow up the center of the Gamboa Dike that was keeping Atlantic waters from Pacific waters in the Panama Canal

Born 1924: James Clavell (author)

Born 1924: Ed Wood (filmmaker)

1935: The American opera Porgy and Bess opened on Broadway

1943: The movie Lassie Come Home premiered

Born 1946: Ben Vereen (actor)

Born 1954: David Lee Roth (singer)

Born 1958: Tanya Tucker (country music singer)

Born 1961: Jodi Benson (singer, voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid)

1965: The Supremes appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show

1965: The Red Baron first appeared in Peanuts comic strip

Born 1969: Brett Favre (football player)

Born 1974: Dale Earnhardt Jr. (race car driver)

1977: Soyuz 25 mission scrapped after docking troubles

1978: President Jimmy Carter signed a bill authorizing the minting of the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin

Born 1979: Mya (singer)

Died 1985: Yul Brynner (actor)

Died 1985: Orson Welles (actor & director)

Died 1998: Joseph Cates (director & producer)

Died 2004: Christopher Reeve (star of Superman movies whose near-fatal riding accident in 1995 turned him into a worldwide advocate for spinal cord research)

2004: The New England Patriots set an NFL record for consecutive victories with their 19th straight win

Died 2004: Ken Caminiti (baseball player)

Died 2012: Alex Karras (football player & actor)

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