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Calendar for October 25th, 2013

Died 1400: Geoffrey Chaucer (poet)

1760: George III became King of Great Britain

Born 1825: Johann Strauss, the Younger (composer; The Blue Danube)

Born 1838: Georges Bizet (composer)

Born 1864: John Francis Dodge (manufacturer)

Born 1881: Pablo Picasso (artist)

1881: Leslie L. Curtis granted a U.S. patent for an air brush device

Born 1912: Minnie Pearl (comedienne & singer)

Born 1914: John Berryman (poet)

1918: S.S. Princess Sophia sank near Juneau, Alaska

Born 1928: Marion Ross (actress)

Born 1941: Anne Tyler (author)

1960: Archibald J. Turner was granted a patent for a football shoulder pad

Born 1970: Ed Robertson (musician)

Born 1971: Pedro Martinez (baseball pitcher)

Died 1981: Ariel Durant (historian)

Born 1985: Ciara (singer)

Died 1993: Vincent Price (actor)

Died 2002: Richard Harris (actor)

Died 2002: Sen. Paul Wellstone (Minnesota congressman)

2004: Ken Jennings passed the $2 million mark on Jeopardy!, shattering his previous $1 million record set July 13, 2004

2007: Hideki Okajima of the Boston Red Sox became the first Japanese-born pitcher to play in a World Series game

Died 2013: Nigel Davenport (actor)

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