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Calendar for December 10th, 2013

Human Rights Day

1817: Mississippi was admitted as the 20th state

Born 1851: Melvil Dewey (librarian)

Died 1896: Alfred Nobel (chemist, engineer, and the inventor of dynamite. In his last will, he used his enormous fortune to institute the Nobel Prizes.)

1901: The Nobel Prizes were awarded for the first time

1906: President Theodore Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize

1930: Duke Ellington recorded "Mood Indigo"

1950: Ralph Bunche became the first African American to win the Nobel Peace Prize

1950: William Faulkner accepted his Nobel Prize in literature which was awarded to him in 1949

Born 1952: Susan Dey (actress)

1954: Colonel John P. Stapp attained 632 mph on rocket sled

Born 1957: Michael Clarke Duncan (actor)

Born 1960: Kenneth Branagh (actor)

Died 1967: Otis Redding (singer)

Died 1978: Ed Wood (filmmaker)

Born 1985: Raven-Symoné (actress & singer)

Died 1993: Alice Tully (philanthropist)

Died 2005: Richard Pryor (comedian & actor)

2011: Total lunar eclipse

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