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Calendar for December 9th, 2013

1621: Robert Cushman gave first known sermon in the "United States," in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts

1793: Noah Webster established The American Minerva, NY's first daily newspaper

1862: Canada's first coin club formed

Born 1886: Clarence Birdseye (businessman)

Born 1899: Jean de Brunhoff (author of Babar books)

Born 1916: Kirk Douglas (actor)

Born 1922: Redd Foxx (actor)

Born 1934: Dame Judi Dench (actress)

1935: First Heisman Trophy awarded to Jay Berwanger

1935: Lincoln letter sold for $748,000

1939: Quebec adopted a new coat of arms

1940: British troops opened their first major offensive in North Africa during World War II

Born 1941: Beau Bridges (actor)

1951: Bob Waterfield became the first professional football player to kick 5 field goals in one game

Born 1953: John Malkovich (actor)

Born 1957: Donnie Osmond (entertainer)

Born 1962: Felicity Huffman (actress)

1968: Public debut of the computer mouse, in San Francisco

Born 1978: Jesse Metcalfe (actor)

1990: Marguerite d'Youville became first Canadian-born saint

Died 2003: Paul Simon (5-term Democratic congressman and 2-term senator from Illinois who ran unsuccessfully for presidential nomination in 1988)

Died 2006: Georgia Gibbs (singer)

Died 2009: Gene Barry (actor)

Born 2013: Twin polar bear cubs were born at the Hellabrunn Zoo, Munich, Germany

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