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Calendar for January 26th, 2014

Australia Day

1788: First settlers, including 717 convicts, arrived at Sydney, Australia

Born 1810: Joseph Brown (inventor)

Born 1826: Julia Dent Grant (U.S. First Lady)

1827: Peru seceded from Columbia

Born 1831: Mary Elizabeth Dodge (author)

Born 1833: Elisabet Ney (sculptress)

1837: Michigan admitted as the 26th state of the Union

Born 1880: Douglas MacArthur (army officer)

Born 1904: Sean MacBride (Irish statesman; awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace for his human rights work)

Born 1905: Maria Augusta von Trapp (musician)

1915: U.S. Congress established Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

Born 1918: Phillip Jose Farmer (author)

Born 1923: Anne Jeffreys (actress)

Born 1925: Paul Newman (actor)

Born 1935: Bob Uecker (baseball player & actor)

Born 1946: Gene Siskel (movie critic)

1951: Temple Beth Israel of Meridian, Mississippi, became the first Jewish congregation to allow women to perform functions of a rabbi

Born 1957: Eddie Van Halen (musician)

Born 1958: Ellen DeGeneres (comedienne & actress)

Born 1958: Anita Baker (singer)

Born 1961: Wayne Gretzky (hockey player)

Died 1979: Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (U.S. vice president)

1979: The Dukes of Hazzard made its television debut

Died 1983: Paul "Bear" Bryant (football coach)

2003: Raiders became the first to play in four separate decades of Super Bowls

Died 2004: Adella Wotherspoon (the last survivor of one of the deadliest disasters in New York history-- the burning and sinking of the steamboat General Slocum in June 1904. She died at age 100, the youngest survivor having become the oldest)

Died 2012: Robert Hegyes (actor)

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