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Calendar for January 29th, 2014

Born 1737: Thomas Paine (patriot)

Born 1843: William McKinley (25th U.S. president)

1856: Geologist William Edmond Logan became first Canadian-born knight

Born 1860: Anton Chekhov (author)

1861: Kansas was admitted to the Union as the 34th state

Born 1864: Whitney Warren (architect)

Born 1867: Vincente Blasco Ibanez (novelist)

Born 1880: W.C. Fields (actor)

1895: Charles Steinmetz patented a "system of distribution by alternating current".

1896: U.S. physician Emil H. Grube became the first to use X-ray treatment for breast cancer

1900: American Baseball League formed in Chicago

Born 1905: Barnett Newman (painter)

Born 1916: Victor Mature (actor)

1924: Carl Taylor's ice cream cone-rolling machine patented

1936: The Baseball Hall of Fame elected its first members

Born 1943: Katharine Ross (actress)

Born 1945: Tom Selleck (actor)

Born 1951: Ann Jillian (actress)

Born 1954: Oprah Winfrey (television host)

Born 1958: Judy Norton-Taylor (actress)

1958: Actor Paul Newman married actress Joanne Woodward

Died 1963: Robert Frost (poet)

Born 1970: Heather Graham (actress)

1973: Emily H. Warner became the first female pilot of a U.S. commercial airline

Born 1975: Sara Gilbert (actress)

1980: 21-pound 8-ounce bowfin caught in Forest Lake, South Carolina

Died 1980: Jimmy Durante (actor)

1994: Julio Cesar Chavez suffered the first defeat of his pro boxing career, losing his WBC super lightweight crown on a split decision to 32 year-old Frankie Randall in Las Vegas

Died 2002: Joshua Miner (Outward Bound USA founder)

Died 2002: Dick "Night Train" Lane (football player)

Died 2002: Harold Russell (received two Oscars for portrayal of wounded veteran in The Best Years of Our Lives, after losing both his hands in WW II)

Died 2004: Mary-Ellis Bunim (producer who helped bring television into the age of reality with The Real World and Road Rules)

Died 2005: Larry L. McGraw (founder of Home Orchard Society)

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