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Calendar for January 3rd, 2014

1521: Martin Luther was formally excomunicated from the Roman Catholic church by Pope Leo X

1777: General George Washington defeated the British under Lord Cornwallis at the Battle of Princeton

Born 1793: Lucretia Mott (social reformer)

Born 1835: Larkin Goldsmith Mead (sculptor)

1863: First covered skating rink in Canada opened, in Halifax, Nova Scotia

1870: Construction began on the Brooklyn Bridge in N.Y.C.

1876: First free kindergarten opened, Florence, Massachusetts

Born 1892: J.R.R. Tolkien (author)

Born 1897: Marion Davies (actress)

Born 1909: Victor Borge (pianist & comedian)

1920: Boston Red Sox owner Harry Frazee sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees for $125,000 and a $350,000 loan. The loan was to finance Frazee's Broadway production of the musical No, No, Nanette

1925: Benito Mussolini proclaimed a Fascist dictatorship in Italy

Born 1926: Joan Walsh Anglund (illustrator)

Born 1932: Dabney Coleman (actor)

Born 1945: Stephen Stills (musician)

Born 1946: John Paul Jones (musician)

1946: British broadcaster of propaganda from Nazi Germany during WW II, William Joyce (nicknamed Lord Haw-Haw), was hanged in Great Britain for treason

1952: Dragnet made its television debut

Born 1956: Mel Gibson (actor)

1958: Members of the newly created U.S. Civil Rights Commision took office

1959: President Eisenhower signed proclamation making Alaska the 49th state

1960: Moscow State Symphony first Soviet orchestra to play in the United States (in N.Y.C.).

1961: The U.S. broke diplomatic relations with Cuba

1962: The Vatican excommunicated Cuban premier, Fidel Castro, from the Roman Catholic church

Died 1967: Jack Ruby (convicted killer of Lee Harvey Oswald)

Died 1979: Conrad Hilton (hotelier)

Born 1981: Eli Manning (football player)

1983: Times Beach, Missouri, declared a federal disaster area after fall floods spread dangerous amounts of the toxic chemical dioxin

1985: Soprano Leontyne Price made her farewell appearance at New York's Metropolitan Opera

1992: Miss Canada pageant canceled due to costs and changing times

Died 2002: Alfred Henry "Freddy" Heineken (Dutchman who helped make his namesake beer one of the world's most popular)

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