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Calendar for February 19th, 2014

Born 1473: Nicolaus Copernicus (astronomer)

Born 1743: Luigi Boccherini (composer)

1814: USS Constitution captured British brig HMS Catherine

1831: First practical U.S. coal-burning locomotive (York) tested, York, Pennsylvania

Born 1843: Adelina Patti (opera singer; namesake of the song You're the Flower of My Heart Sweet Adeline)

1864: Knights of Pythias founded

1878: Patent for the first gramophone awarded to Thomas Edison

1881: Kansas approved an act to prohibit alcohol

Born 1916: Eddie Arcaro (jockey)

Born 1930: John Frankenheimer (director of film)

Born 1940: Smokey Robinson (singer)

1945: U.S. Marines invaded Iwo Jima (WW II)

Born 1955: Jeff Daniels (actor)

1962: U.S. Senator Carl Hayden was honored for completing 50 years of Congressional service

Born 1963: Seal (singer)

Born 1966: Justine Bateman (actress)

Born 1985: Haylie Duff (actress)

Died 1998: Grandpa Jones (country musician)

1999: The world's largest snowman was completed in Bethel, Maine. He stood 113 feet, 7.5 inches tall and weighed about nine million pounds. In 2008, Bethel, Maine, also created the largest snowwoman (122 feet, 1 inch tall).

Died 2004: Jose Lopez Portillo (as president of Mexico from 1976-1982, brought the nation to the brink of economic collapse)

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