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Calendar for March 19th, 2014

St. Joseph's Day

721 B.C. First lunar eclipse recorded in history observed by the Babylonians (according to Ptolemy)

California: Swallow Day -- swallows return to San Juan Capistrano

Born 1813: David Livingstone (explorer)

Born 1821: Richard Francis Burton (explorer, scholar)

1831: $245,000 stolen from City Bank of New York

Born 1847: Albert Pinkham Ryder (painter)

Born 1848: Wyatt Earp (legendary marshal)

Born 1860: William Jennings Bryan (politician)

Born 1891: Earl Warren (Supreme Court justice)

Born 1905: Albert Speer (architect)

Born 1906: Adolf Eichmann (Nazi leader)

Born 1914: Jay Berwanger (football player)

Born 1914: Leonidas Alaoglu (mathematician)

Born 1916: Irving Wallace (novelist)

1920: Senate rejected the Treaty of Versailles by a vote of 49-35

Born 1933: Phillip Roth (writer)

Born 1935: Phyllis Newman (actress)

Born 1947: Glenn Close (actress)

Died 1950: Edgar Rice Burroughs (author)

1953: Academy Awards were first televised

Born 1955: Bruce Willis (actor)

1957: Senate confirmed the nominations of William Brennan and Charles Whittaker to the U.S. Supreme Court

1964: Great St. Bernard Tunnel, 3.6 miles long, between Italy and Switzerland in the Alps, officially opened to automobile traffic

1965: Nicolae Ceausescu became head of the Romanian Communist Party and government

1968: President Johnson signed into law a bill eliminating the requirement that U.S. currency be backed by gold

Born 1969: Connor Trinneer (actor)

1970: East German Premier Stoph and West German Chancellor Brandt met in Erfurt, East Germany, at the first meeting of the heads of the postwar German states

1987: Rev. Jim Bakker resigned as head of his TV ministry, the PTL Club, after admitting to an affair with a church secretary

Died 2002: The Rev. Carl McIntire (right-wing radio preacher)

Died 2004: Brian Maxwell (Canadian world-ranked marathoner who created the PowerBar in his kitchen to improve his performance)

Died 2005: Gus Bernier (host of the children's program The Uncle Gus Show)

Died 2005: John DeLorean (automotive innovator who left General Motors Corp. to develop a radically futuristic sports car)

Died 2008: Arthur C. Clarke (science fiction writer, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey)

Died 2008: Paul Scofield (actor)