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Calendar for March 26th, 2014

Hawaii: Regatta Day

Died 1649: John Winthrop (founder of Mass. Bay Colony)

1804: Congress created the Territory of Orleans

1821: North West Company merged with Hudson's Bay Company

Died 1827: Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)

Born 1874: Robert Frost (writer)

Died 1892: Walt Whitman (poet)

Born 1911: Tennessee Williams (playwright)

Born 1914: Gen. William Westmoreland (military commander)

Died 1923: Sarah Bernhardt (actress)

Born 1923: Bob Elliot (comedian)

Born 1930: Sandra Day O'Connor (first female U.S. Supreme Court justice)

Born 1931: Leonard Nimoy (actor)

Born 1934: Alan Arkin (actor)

1937: Popeye statue unveiled during spinach festival, Crystal City, Texas

Born 1939: James Caan (actor)

Born 1943: Bob Woodward (journalist)

Born 1944: Diana Ross (singer)

1946: The U.N. Security Council met for the first time in New York

Born 1948: Steven Tyler (musician; lead singer of Aerosmith)

Born 1949: Vicki Lawrence (actress)

Born 1950: Martin Short (actor)

1953: Dr. Jonas Salk announced development of polio vaccine

Born 1954: Curtis Sliwa (founder of the Guardian Angels)

1964: Perpetrators of the Great Train Robbery were convicted in London

Born 1968: Kenny Chesney (country singer)

1975: North Vietnamese took Hue (Vietnam War)

1982: Groundbreaking took place in Washington, D.C., for a memorial to honor American armed forces members killed in Vietnam

Born 1985: Keira Knightley (actress)

1987: The U.S. government sold its 85% ownership of Conrail, one of the nation's largest rail systems, and earned $1.6 billion in one of the largest stock offerings in history

1989: The post-perestroika Soviet Union held its first nationwide multiparty, multicandidate elections

Died 1994: Margaret Millar (Canadian author)

Died 2004: Jan Sterling (star of Hollywood's film noir movies in the 1940s and 1950s)

Died 2005: Paul Hester (drummer)

Died 2005: A black spider monkey believed to be the world's oldest monkey other than apes died at age 53

Died 2006: Paul Dana (race car driver)

Died 2011: Harry Wesley Coover Jr. (inventor of Super Glue)

Died 2011: Geraldine Ferraro (in 1984 became the first woman vice presidential candidate on a major U.S. party ticket)

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