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Calendar for March 30th, 2014

Doctor's Day

Born 1135: Moses Maimonides (rabbi)

1791: President Washington proclaimed boundary of new capital city on Potomac River

Born 1820: Anna Sewell (author)

1842: Dr. Crawford Long of Jefferson, GA, placed an ether-soaked towel over the face of James Venable and removed a tumor from his neck. This was the first recorded use of anesthesia

Born 1853: Vincent van Gogh (artist)

1858: H. L. Lipman, of Philadelphia, patented the first pencil with eraser

1867: America bought Alaska from Russia due to pressure from Secretary of State William Seward ("Seward's Folly"). The price was $7.2 million, or slightly more than $0.02 an acre

1868: Impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson began

1870: Texas readmitted to the Union

Born 1880: Sean O'Casey (playwright)

Born 1883: Jo Davidson (sculptor)

1909: Queensboro Bridge, the first double-decker, opened in New York City

Born 1937: Warren Beatty (actor)

Born 1945: Eric Clapton (musician)

1954: Official opening of Canada's first subway (Toronto)

1956: Woody Guthrie's song This Land is Your Land copyrighted

1964: Jeopardy! game show made its television debut

Born 1964: Tracy Chapman (musician)

Born 1968: Celine Dion (singer)

Born 1970: Secretariat (racehorse)

Born 1979: Norah Jones (singer)

1981: President Ronald Reagan was shot and wounded outside a Washington, D.C., hotel

Born 1983: Scott Moffatt (musician, of The Moffatts)

Born 1984: Anna Nalick (musician)

1987: An anonymous buyer paid over $39 million for Vincent van Gogh's Sunflowers

2000: Possible UFO seen, Little Fox Lake, Yukon Territory

Died 2002: Queen Mother Elizabeth (Britain's beloved "Queen Mum")

Died 2004: Timi Yuro (singer)

2007: Superathletes Kirill Shimko and Pavel Soroka pulled five railway cars more than 20 feet

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