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Calendar for April 10th, 2014

Born 1847: Joseph Pulitzer (newspaper publisher & founder of Pulitzer Prize)

1849: Safety pin patented by Walter Hunt

1866: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was incorporated

1872: First Arbor Day celebration held in Nebraska

Born 1882: Frances Perkins (first woman to hold a cabinet position in the U.S.)

Born 1932: Omar Sharif (actor)

1937: Trans-Canada Air Lines created by Parliament

1953: Feature length, full color, 3-D movie premiered in NYC: House of Wax starring Vincent Price

1959: Gidget premiered

Died 1975: Marjorie Main (actress)

Born 1984: Mandy Moore (singer & actress)

1988: The comic strip FoxTrot debuted

Born 1988: Haley Joel Osment (actor)

Born 1991: AJ Michalka (actress)

Died 1991: Natalie Schafer (actress)

Died 1992: Sam Kinison (comedian)

1994: Charles Osgood became host of CBS's "Sunday Morning"

Died 2010: Dixie Carter (actress)

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