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Calendar for April 26th, 2014

1564: William Shakespeare baptized

Born 1785: John James Audubon (naturalist)

1803: Meteorites fell on the town of L'Aigle, France

Born 1822: Frederick Law Olmsted (landscape architect)

Died 1865: John Wilkes Booth, assassin of President Lincoln, was shot by federal troops at a farmhouse near Washington, D.C.

Born 1886: "Ma" Rainey (blues singer)

Born 1900: Charles Richter (seismologist)

Died 1914: Eduard Suess (geologist)

1921: First U.S. weather report broadcast, by WEW in St. Louis, Missouri

1928: America's first guide dog for the blind, a German Shepherd named Buddy, was teamed up with its owner, Morris S. Frank

Born 1933: Carol Burnett (actress)

Born 1938: Duane Eddy (musician)

1962: The first international satellite, Ariel 1, was launched from Cape Canaveral

Born 1965: Kevin James (actor)

Born 1977: Tom Welling (actor)

Died 1984: Count Basie (jazz orchestra leader)

Died 1989: Lucille Ball (actress)

Died 2005: Mason Adams (actor)

2005: Five explorers reached the North Pole, setting a world record by coming in several hours earlier than a 37-day trek by American explorer Robert Peary for the same journey in 1909

2005: A herd of buffalo got loose and wandered around an upscale neighborhood in Maryland, disrupting traffic and alarming homeowners before police officers managed to corral them in a tennis court

2009: Boston Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury stole home. This was the first straight-steal of home plate by a Red Sox player since Billy Hatcher in April of 1994.

Died 2013: George Jones (country music singer)

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