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Calendar for April 5th, 2014

1614: Pocahontas married Englishman John Rolfe

1768: New York Chamber of Commerce formed

Born 1856: Booker T. Washington (educator & activist)

Born 1858: Washington Atlee Burpee (botanist, seedsman)

1887: Anne Sullivan made a breakthrough with blind/deaf student Helen Keller, by conveying the meaning of the word "water"

Born 1900: Spencer Tracy (actor)

Born 1908: Bette Davis (actress)

1915: Jess Willard knocked out Jack Johnson to win world heavyweight boxing title

Born 1916: Gregory Peck (actor)

1917: Women granted the right to vote in British Columbia

Born 1937: Colin Powell (former U.S. Secretary of State)

Born 1950: Agnetha Fältskog (singer in the Swedish rock group ABBA)

Born 1950: Franklin Chang-Diaz (astronaut)

1955: Richard J. Daley elected to his first term as Chicago's 39th mayor

Born 1956: Evelyn Hart (ballerina)

1963: J. Robert Oppenheimer, US physicist, declared a security risk in 1954, is named winner of the Atomic Energy Commission's Enrico Ferni award

1965: My Fair Lady won an Academy Award for Best Picture

Born 1972: Krista Allen (actress)

Died 1976: Howard Hughes (industrialist & producer)

1984: Basketball star Kareem Abdul- Jabbar of the L.A. Lakers became the highest scoring player in NBA history. He reached 31,420 points, beating Wilt Chamberlain's record

Died 1992: Sam Walton (businessman)

Died 1994: Kurt Cobain (musician)

Died 1997: Allen Ginsberg (poet)

Died 2000: Lee Petty (race car driver)

Died 2005: Saul Bellow (author of Humboldt's Gift and other novels, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature)

2005: A minor earthquake shook southeastern Massachusetts

2007: Elsie McLean, at 102 years old, became the oldest golfer to make a hole-in-one on a regulation course

Died 2008: Charlton Heston (actor)

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