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Calendar for May 16th, 2014

1770: Marie Antoinette (age 14) married future King Louis XVI of France (age 15)

Born 1801: William Henry Seward (politician)

1866: U.S. Congress gave authorization to mint the nickel

1866: Charles Elmer Hires invented root beer

Born 1905: Henry Fonda (actor)

Born 1912: Studs Terkel (writer)

1914: Grand League of the American Horseshoe Pitchers Association was organized in Kansas City, Kansas

Born 1919: Liberace (entertainer)

1920: Joan of Arc was canonized

Born 1953: Pierce Brosnan (actor)

Born 1955: Debra Winger (actress)

Born 1955: Olga Korbut (Olympic gold medalist/gymnast)

Born 1957: Joan Benoit Samuelson (runner, Olympic gold medalist)

1961: President John F. Kennedy began a 3-day visit to Canada

Born 1966: Janet Jackson (singer)

Born 1969: Tucker Carlson (television commentator)

Born 1969: Tracey Gold (actress)

Born 1971: David Boreanaz (actor)

Born 1981: Jim Sturgess (actor)

Died 1984: Andy Kaufman (comedian & actor)

1990: Fire broke out at tire dump, St-Amable, Quebec

Born 1990: Thomas Sangster (actor)

Died 1990: Sammy Davis Jr. (entertainer)

Died 1990: Jim Henson (creator of The Muppets)

2005: In downtown Houston, Texas, large, black grackles, in an effort to protect their fallen offspring, attacked the heads, hair, and backs of pedestrians.

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