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Calendar for May 25th, 2014

1787: First formal meeting of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, which, in the next few months, ended up writing a new constitution for the United States instead of revising the Articles of Confederation

1793: Father Stephen Badin became first Catholic priest ordained in the U.S.

Born 1803: Ralph Waldo Emerson (poet)

1875: Grace Annie Lockhart became the first woman in the British Empire to receive a bachelor's degree in science and English literature. She graduated from Mount Allison College (now University) in Sackville, New Brunswick

Born 1878: Bill "Bojangles" Robinson (tap dancer)

Died 1899: Rosa Bonheur (painter, sculptor)

1935: At Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Babe Ruth hit the 714th, and last, home run of his career

Born 1944: Frank Oz (puppeteer, director)

1948: Andrew Moyer patented method for mass production of penicillin

1950: New York City's Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel was formally opened to traffic

Born 1963: Mike Myers (actor)

Born 1973: Demetri Martin (comedian)

1977: Star Wars was released in theaters

1981: Daniel Goodwin climbed Chicago's Sears Tower using suction cups

1986: Nearly 5.5 million people joined hands to form a human chain across the U.S. The event, Hands Across America, was designed to raise funds for the poor and homeless

1990: Gary Stewart of California set the record for consecutive pogo jumps at 177,737 in 20 hours, 20 minutes

1992: Jay Leno officially replaced Johnny Carson as host of The Tonight Show

Died 2005: Ismail Merchant (filmmaker)

Died 2007: Charles Nelson Reilly (actor)

2011: New York Yankees Mariano Rivera became the first major league pitcher to make 1,000 appearances with the same team

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