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Calendar for May 6th, 2014

1840: First postage stamps issued in the U.K.

1851: Dr. John Gorrie patented an ice machine

1851: Linus Yale, Jr. received a patent for a lock and key

Born 1856: Sigmund Freud (neurologist & psychiatrist)

Died 1862: Henry David Thoreau (writer)

1864: Confederate General James Longstreet was seriously wounded by his own troops by mistake, Battle of the Wilderness, Virginia

Born 1895: Rudolph Valentino (actor)

1896: Successful flight of Samuel Langley's model Aerodrome No. 5 aircraft

Born 1915: Orson Welles (actor & director)

Died 1919: L. Frank Baum (author)

Born 1931: Willie Mays (baseball player)

1941: At California's March Field, Bob Hope performed his first USO show

Born 1945: Bob Seger (musician)

Born 1953: Tony Blair (British Prime Minister)

Born 1955: Tom Bergeron (television personality)

Born 1961: George Clooney (actor)

Died 1978: Ethelda Bleibtrey (Olympic swimmer)

Died 1992: Marlene Dietrich (actress)

1994: The Channel Tunnel, more commonly known as the "Chunnel," linking England and France opened

Died 2002: Otis Blackwell (songwriter)

Died 2006: Lillian Asplund (last American survivor of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912)

2006: Racehorse Barbaro won the 132nd Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky

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