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Calendar for June 18th, 2014

1812: The United States declared war on Great Britain

1815: Napoleon's troops were defeated at Waterloo (present-day Belgium)

Born 1854: E.W. Scripps (newspaper publisher)

1861: First fly-casting tournament in the United States, Utica, New York

Born 1877: James Montgomery Flagg (illustrator of Uncle Sam "I Want You for the U.S. Army" poster)

Born 1913: Sylvia Porter (economist)

1923: Checker Cab put its first taxi on the streets

1924: National Postal strike in Canada

Born 1942: Roger Ebert (film critic)

Born 1942: Paul McCartney (musician)

Born 1952: Carol Kane (actress)

Born 1952: Isabella Rossellini (actress)

Died 1959: Ethel Barrymore (actress)

Born 1966: Kurt Browning (figure skater)

Died 1982: John Cheever (author)

1983: Sally Ride became the first American woman in space

1988: A 9-lb. 6-oz. kokanee salmon caught in Okanagan Lake in British Columbia

Died 1989: I.F. Stone (journalist)

Born 1991: Willa Holland (actress)

Died 2002: Jack Buck (broadcaster)

2004: Edward Fincke first U.S. astronaut in space during birth of his child

Died 2004: Doris Dowling (actress)

Died 2006: Vincent Sherman (director)

2006: 63-lb. 8-oz. flathead catfish caught, James River, South Dakota

Died 2008: Tasha Tudor (children's author & illustrator)

Died 2011: Clarence Clemons (musician)

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