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Calendar for June 2nd, 2014

Republic Day (Italy)

Born 1731: Martha Washington (U.S. First Lady)

Born 1840: Thomas Hardy (writer)

Born 1861: Helen Louise Herron Taft (U.S. First Lady)

1883: In Fort Wayne, Indiana, the first baseball game was played under electric lights at night

1886: Grover Cleveland became the first president to marry in the White House

1924: Congress granted citizenship to Native Americans born in the U.S.

1930: Mariners' Museum established in Newport News, Virginia

1933: President FDR formally accepted the swimming pool addition to the White House

Born 1948: Jerry Mathers (actor)

1953: Elizabeth II crowned queen of England

Born 1955: Dana Carvey (comedian & actor)

Born 1960: Kyle Petty (NASCAR driver)

1966: US spacecraft Surveyor I made successful soft landing on the Moon and began to relay first close up pictures of the Moon

Born 1972: Wayne Brady (comedian & actor)

Born 1972: Wentworth Miller (actor)

Died 1987: Andres Segovia (guitarist)

Died 1998: Sylvester Ritter (professional wrestler known as "Junkyard Dog")

Died 2002: Flora Lewis (journalist)

2005: 13-year-old Anurag Kashyap correctly spelled “appoggiatura” to win National Scripps Spelling Bee

Died 2008: Bo Diddley (musician)

Died 2008: Mel Ferrer (actor & director)

2010: Actor Patrick Stewart was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace

Died 2010: Chris Haney (inventor of Trivial Pursuit)

2010: At the White House, Sir Paul McCartney accepted the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song

2011: Sukanya Roy won 84th Scripps National Spelling Bee with word "cymotrichous"

Died 2012: Richard Dawson (game show host)

Died 2012: Kathryn Joosten (actress)