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Calendar for June 4th, 2014

Died 1798: Giacomo Casanova

Born 1887: Tom Longboat (runner)

1892: The Sierra Club was organized in San Francisco, California

1896: Henry Ford took his car out for a trial drive around the streets of Detroit

Born 1924: Dennis Weaver (actor)

Born 1928: Dr. Ruth Westheimer (sex therapist, author)

Born 1936: Bruce Dern (actor)

Born 1937: Robert Fulghum (author)

1942: Battle of Midway begins, leading to a great American Naval victory over Japan during WWII

Died 1942: Reinhard Heydrich (Nazi leader)

Born 1944: Michelle Phillips (singer & actress)

Died 1968: Dorothy Gish (actress)

Born 1971: Noah Wyle (actor)

Born 1975: Angelina Jolie (actress)

1989: Tiananmen Square massacre

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