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Calendar for July 26th, 2014

Born : Bert (character on Sesame Street)

1775: Benjamin Franklin became the first Postmaster General

1788: New York ratified the Constitution and became the 11th state

Born 1856: George Bernard Shaw (playwright)

Died 1863: Sam Houston (president of Texas, 1836-38; 1841-44)

1875: "Black Bart" made his first stagecoach robbery in California

Born 1922: Jason Robards (actor)

Born 1922: Blake Edwards (director)

Born 1928: Stanley Kubrick (director)

Born 1943: Mick Jagger (singer)

1945: The Potsdam Declaration was issued by President Truman, Winston Churchill, and Chiang Kai-Shek, which outlined the terms of surrender for Japan

Died 1952: Eva Peron (wife of Argentine President Juan Peron)

Born 1956: Dorothy Hamill (Olympic gold medal figure skater)

1956: The SS Andrea Doria sunk near Nantucket Lightship, MA

Born 1959: Kevin Spacey (actor)

Born 1964: Sandra Bullock (actress)

Born 1965: Jeremy Piven (actor)

1969: First Moon rock samples analyzed

Born 1973: Kate Beckinsale (actress)

1989: A federal grand jury indicted Robert T. Morris, Jr. for releasing a computer worm, making him the first person to be prosecuted under the 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

2009: Jim Rice and Ricky Henderson were inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame

2010: The Plastiki, a boat made mostly from recycled plastic bottles (12,500 of them), reached Sydney, Australia, to complete a 4-month journey across the Pacific Ocean

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