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Calendar for July 5th, 2014

Independence Day (Cape Verde)

Independence Day (Venezuela)

Born 1755: Sarah Siddons (actress)

Born 1794: Sylvester Graham (inventor of the Graham cracker)

Born 1810: P. T. Barnum (circus owner)

1865: William Booth established the Christian Mission (now called The Salvation Army)

Born 1879: Dwight Filley Davis (sportsman)

Born 1889: Jean Cocteau (writer)

Born 1937: Brooke Hayward (actress)

1942: Japanese destroyer Arare sunk in Kiska Harbor, Alaska

Born 1944: Robbie Robertson (musician)

1946: The bikini was introduced in Paris

Born 1950: Huey Lewis (musician)

Born 1951: Rich "Goose" Gossage (baseball player)

1954: Elvis Presley had his first professional recording session in Memphis, Tennessee; (first recording: "That's All Right")

Born 1958: Bill Watterson (cartoonist)

Born 1963: Edie Falco (actress)

Born 1969: John LeClair (hockey player)

1975: Arthur Ashe defeated Jimmy Connors at Wimbledon, becoming the first African American male to win the British tennis title

Born 1980: Jason Wade (musician)

Born 1996: Dolly the sheep (first cloned mammal)

Died 2002: Ted Williams (baseball player)

Died 2011: Cy Twombly (artist)

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