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Calendar for August 24th, 2014

St. Bartholomew

79: Mt. Vesuvius erupted and Pompeii was destroyed

Born 1113: Geoffrey Plantagenet (Count of Anjou)

Born 1198: Alexander II of Scotland

1821: Treaty of Cordoba signed, granting Mexico independence from Spain

1869: Cornelius Swarthout patented the waffle iron

Born 1924: Louis Teicher (pianist)

Born 1936: A. S. Byatt (novelist)

Born 1958: Steve Guttenberg (actor)

Born 1960: Cal Ripken Jr. (baseball player)

Born 1965: Reggie Miller (basketball player)

Born 1965: Marlee Matlin (actress)

1981: Mark David Chapman sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for the murder of John Lennon

Born 1981: Chad Michael Murray (actor)

Born 1988: Rupert Grint (actor)

Died 1998: Jerry Clower (Grand Ole Opry humorist)

Died 1998: E. G. Marshall (actor)

2000: For the final episode of CBS's first Survivor program, approximately 51 million people (41% of America's viewing public) watched Richard Hatch win the $1 million prize

2003: Julie Krone became the first female jockey to win a million-dollar race in the U.S. when she finished first in the Pacific Classic in Del Mar, CA, mounted atop her horse Candy Ride

Died 2014: Richard Attenborough (actor)

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