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Calendar for August 29th, 2014

Born 1632: John Locke (philosopher)

Born 1809: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (author)

Died 1877: Brigham Young (Mormon leader)

Born 1915: Ingrid Bergman (actress)

Born 1917: Isabel Sanford (actress)

Born 1920: Charlie Parker (musician)

Born 1923: Lord Richard Attenborough (actor)

Died 1930: William Archibald Spooner (known for verbal inversions called "spoonerisms")

Born 1939: Joel Schumacher (film director)

1950: Althea Gibson became the first African American woman to compete in a national tennis tournament

1957: As Sen. Thurmond's filibuster came to an end, he established a new record for the longest speech by one senator (24 hrs and 18 min.), and despite his efforts The Civil Rights Bill passed

1958: United States Air Force Academy opened in Colorado Springs, Colorado

1966: The Beatles perform their last tour concert, in San Francisco

Born 1971: Carla Gugino (actress)

Born 1980: Chris Simms (football player)

Died 1982: Ingrid Bergman (actress)

1991: The Supreme Soviet suspended all activities of the Soviet Communist Party

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