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Calendar for August 3rd, 2014

1852: First intercollegiate boat race

1880: American Canoe Association formed, Lake George, New York

Born 1900: John T. Scopes (fined $100 in 1925 for "teaching evolution" in Tennessee)

1918: Distinguished Flying Cross for William Bishop announced

1923: At 2:47 A.M., Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as president by his father at Vermont homestead

Died 1924: Joseph Conrad (writer)

Born 1926: Tony Bennett (singer)

1937: The first okapi imported into U.S. went on display, Bronx Zoo, N.Y.C.

Born 1940: Martin Sheen (actor)

Born 1941: Martha Stewart (homemaking guru)

1949: National Basketball Association formed from merger

Born 1959: John C. McGinley (actor)

Died 1964: Flannery O'Connor (author)

Born 1977: Tom Brady (football player)

Born 1979: Evangeline Lilly (actress)

1980: Tom Yawkey inducted into National Baseball Hall of Fame

1988: Lightning evidently triggered the fire alarm in an office building near Fort Collins, Colorado, which caused the inhabitants to evacuate - without their keys. While locked out, 16 were injured, most by the marble-size hail and wind gusts produced by the thunderstorm.

Died 2006: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf (soprano)

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