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Calendar for August 5th, 2014

Died 882: King Louis III of France

1583: Sir Humphrey Gilbert established the first English colony in North America, what is now St John's, Newfoundland

Born 1749: Thomas Lynch (signer of the Declaration of Independence)

1861: The United States government issued its first income tax

1870: Supreme Lodge of Knights of Pythias incorporated

Born 1877: Tom Thomson (painter)

1884: Cornerstone for pedestal of Statue of Liberty laid

Born 1889: Conrad Aiken (poet)

1914: The first electric traffic light installed, Cleveland, Ohio

1924: Little Orphan Annie made her comic strip debut

Born 1930: Neil Armstrong (astronaut; first to set foot on the Moon)

Died 1955: Carmen Miranda (actress & singer)

Born 1956: Maureen McCormick (actress)

Died 1959: Edgar Guest (poet)

Died 1962: Marilyn Monroe (actress)

Born 1962: Patrick Ewing (basketball player)

Died 1984: Richard Burton (actor)

Died 2000: Sir Alec Guinness (actor)

Died 2002: Chick Hearn (basketball announcer, coined the phrases "slam dunk" and "airball")

2002: Gun turret and artifacts of Civil War U.S.S. Monitor recovered

2004: Ralston reservoir dam broke near Auburn, California, sending a 3-foot-high wall of water down the American River

2006: Brown booby spotted, Virginia Beach, VA

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