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Calendar for August 8th, 2014

1864: Performer Signor Guillermo Farini's stilts got caught as he walked the rapids above Niagara Falls

Born 1866: Matthew Henson (explorer)

1876: Thomas Edison received a patent for his mimeograph (an early paper copying machine)

Born 1907: Benny Carter (musician)

1911: U.S. patent #1,000,000 issued for an improved vehicle tire

1918: "Canada's Hundred Days" began, WWI

1929: The German airship Graf Zeppelin began an around-the-world flight

Born 1937: Dustin Hoffman (actor)

Born 1938: Connie Stevens (singer & actress)

Born 1961: David Evans ("The Edge," guitarist in the band U2)

1963: The Glasgow to London mail train was stopped at Sears Crossing, and robbed of over two-and-a-half million pounds. The incident became known as The Great Train Robbery

Died 1965: Shirley Jackson (author)

1974: President Richard Nixon announced his resignation

Born 1976: JC Chasez (singer)

Born 1976: Drew Lachey (singer)

1978: Garfield's sidekick, Odie, made his comic strip debut

Died 1985: Louise Brooks (actress)

Died 1991: James Irwin (astronaut)

2000: Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley raised to the surface after 136 years on the ocean floor

2004: First red-footed falcon (Falco vespertinus) ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere spotted at Katama Airfield, Edgartown (Martha's Vineyard), Massachusetts, by E. Vernon Laux

Died 2005: Barbara Bel Geddes (actress)

Died 2010: Patricia Neal (actress)

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