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Calendar for August 9th, 2014

Born 1593: Izaak Walton (writer)

1842: The Webster-Ashburton Treaty was signed, delimiting the eastern section of the Canadian-American border. The treaty established the boundaries between the St. Croix and Connecticut rivers, between Lake Superior and the Lake of the Woods, and between Lakes Huron and Superior

1854: Henry David Thoreau published Walden

1892: Thomas Edison received a patent for a two-way telegraph

1902: Edward VII crowned king of the United Kingdom

Born 1911: William Alfred Fowler (physicist)

1916: Lassen Volcanic National Park, California, established

Born 1927: Robert Shaw (actor)

1930: Betty Boop premiered in the animated film Dizzy Dishes

1936: Jesse Owens stole the limelight by winning four gold medals in track at the Olympic Games in Berlin and became the first American to win four medals in one Olympics

Born 1944: Sam Elliott (actor)

1944: Smokey Bear posters were released by the Forest Service and the Wartime Advertising Council

1945: The second atomic bomb, "Fat Man," was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan

Born 1949: Jonathan Kellerman (mystery writer)

Born 1957: Melanie Griffith (actress)

Died 1962: Herman Hesse (author)

Born 1963: Whitney Houston (singer)

Born 1964: Brett Hull (hockey player)

1965: Fatal missile silo explosion occurred in Searcy, Arkansas

Born 1967: Deion Sanders (football player)

Born 1968: Gillian Anderson (actress)

Born 1970: Thomas Lennon (actor)

1974: Richard M. Nixon resigned as President of the United States

1988: The Edmonton Oilers traded Wayne Gretzky to the L.A. Kings

Born 1994: Forrest Landis (actor)

Died 1995: Jerry Garcia (musician)

Died 2003: Gregory Hines (dancer & actor)

Died 2004: Fay Wray (won fame as the damsel held atop the Empire State Building by a giant ape in the 1933 film King Kong)

Died 2005: Matthew McGrory (actor)

2007: A magnitude-7.5 earthquake struck east of Jakarta, Indonesia

2007: A magnitude-4.5 earthquake struck the Greater Los Angeles area

Died 2008: Bernie Mac (comedian & actor)

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