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Calendar for September 13th, 2014

Born 1755: Oliver Evans (inventor)

Died 1803: John Barry (commodore, "father of the American navy")

Born 1819: Clara Schumann (pianist & composer)

Born 1857: Milton Hershey (founder of Hershey Chocolate Company)

Born 1876: Sherwood Anderson (writer)

1899: Halford Mackinder's team became the first Europeans to summit Mount Kenya

1899: Henry Bliss walked off a trolley and was hit by a speeding driver. The following day when he died from his injuries, he became the first pedestrian to be killed by an automobile

Born 1903: Claudette Colbert (actress)

1909: The Chocolate Soldier opened in N.Y.C.

Born 1912: Horace Babcock (astronomer)

Born 1916: Roald Dahl (author)

Born 1920: Else Holmelund Minarik (children's author; "Little Bear" series)

Born 1925: Mel Torme (singer)

1943: Chiang Kai-shek became president of China

Born 1944: Peter Cetera (musician)

Born 1944: Jacqueline Bisset (actress)

Born 1948: Nell Carter (actress & singer)

1948: Margaret Chase Smith became the first woman to serve in both houses of Congress

1956: IBM introduced the first computer with a disk storage system

Born 1967: Michael Johnson (Olympic athlete)

Born 1971: Stella McCartney (fashion designer)

Born 1977: Fiona Apple (singer)

Born 1980: Ben Savage (actor)

Died 1998: Richard Merrell (television writer & actor)

Died 1998: George Wallace (politician)

Died 2001: Dorothy McGuire (actress)

2004: A protester dressed as Batman scaled the front wall of Buckingham Palace

2015: Partial Eclipse of the Sun.

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