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Calendar for September 14th, 2014

Holy Cross Day (major holy day, Episcopal Church)

1716: The first lighthouse in North America, Boston Light, was lit

1741: Composer George Handel completed The Messiah

1814: Francis Scott Key wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner"

Born 1849: Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (physiologist)

Died 1852: Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (architect)

Died 1852: Arthur Wellesley (1st Duke of Wellington)

Born 1883: Margaret Higgins Sanger (founder of the birth control movement)

1886: Typewriter ribbon patented

Died 1899: Henry Bliss (first American automobile fatality)

Died 1901: William McKinley (25th U.S. president)

Born 1915: Douglas Kennedy ("Lone Ranger" actor)

1915: Sound-absorbing material patented

Born 1934: Kate Millett (feminist writer)

1938: The world's largest airship, Graf Zeppelin II, made its first flight

1939: The first helicopter flight was made by Igor Sikorsky

Born 1947: Sam Neill (actor)

1968: Zond 5 was launched, which eventually became the first spacecraft to orbit the Moon

Born 1971: Kimberly Williams-Paisley (actress)

1972: The Waltons premiered on CBS

1975: Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton, the first U.S. born saint, was canonized by Pope Paul VI

Died 1982: Princess Grace of Monaco

1994: World Series was cancelled due to strike

Died 2006: Mickey Hargitay (actor & world champion bodybuilder)

Died 2009: Patrick Swayze (actor)

2010: Roger Craig, a University of Delaware graduate student, won $77,000 on Jeopardy!. It was the show's highest one-day total ever.

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